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What is Solar Self-consumption?

Solar self-consumption is when a property, through a Solar Photovoltaic installation generates its own energy, which can be consumed free of charge, accumulated in batteries for the hours without sun or sell the surplus energy to the electricity marketer.

With Solar Self-consumption you are able to achieve energy independence. It makes your home energy self-sufficient, transforming the sun’s rays into electricity or heat.

Solar Self-consumption does not mean that you disconnect completely from the electricity grid. Both systems are compatible, prioritizing the energy from your solar photovoltaic installation.


¿Cómo funciona el autoconsumo solar fotovoltaico?

A solar self-consumption system consists of photovoltaic panels, a solar inverter, a consumption meter and solar batteries (optional).

The photovoltaic panels are capable of transforming sunlight into continuous electrical energy; the same is sent to the photovoltaic inverter which is in charge of transforming the electrical energy from direct to alternating to be able to feed the electrical network of your home and household appliances.


Through the communication between the inverter and the consumption meter, you will be able to know at all times what part of the energy is consumed by your home and what part you can accumulate in solar batteries.

You have the option of selling the surplus energy to your electricity supplier.

Solar self-consumption with or without surplus?

The owner of the Solar Self-consumption is the one who can decide what to do with the energy generated, having two options.

With surplus


Surpluses are generated when the photovoltaic solar energy generated by the installation is greater than the energy consumed by the home. Spanish legislation establishes the possibility of financially compensating the owners of Solar Self-consumption installations who decide to sell such energy surpluses to the electricity supplier. Taking into account that the price per kilowatt hour at which the surpluses are compensated is much lower than the price at which they are usually purchased.

As an advantage you will have Amortization of the investment in less time.

*All surplus options are compatible with the use of Solar Batteries and Electric Vehicle Recharging Point.

No surplus

You will be able to limit the production of your solar photovoltaic installation to the consumption of your home, so that your installation will produce energy only when there is a consumption.

As an advantage you will have less wear of the solar self-consumption installation and you will have an economical installation.

Installation process carried out


Project and Installation

Personalized study of each project. Turnkey installation. Electric bulletin included.


Maintenance included

We take care of keeping your installation in perfect conditions.

Certified Installation

We are authorized by the General Directorate of Industry of the Balearic Islands.       

*We work with recognized and guaranteed brands.



Advice and processing of subsidies.

Advantages of solar self-consumption

  1. Savings: Substantially reduce your electric bill
  2. Revaluation: Increasing the value of your home
  3. Allowances: Reduction of up to 50% of IBI tax
  4. Green Energy: Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, protecting the environment.
  5. Easy Maintenance: The new models of Solar Inverters and Solar Batteries require simple maintenance.
  6. Self-Sufficient Home: Generate your own energy, energy self-sufficiency is possible.

Individual solar self-consumption or collective solar self-consumption?

Depending on the number of houses that consume the energy generated by the Solar Self-consumption installation, the installation will be of individual or collective self-consumption.

Individual self-consumption installations

These are those that provide energy to a single home or business.

Collective self-consumption facilities

These are when they provide power to several homes or businesses or blocks of apartments.

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