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About Us

In-Solar, is a company of electrical installations in Mallorca, specialized in the realization of all kinds of electrical services in low voltage category specialist.

Authorized by the General Directorate of Industry of the Balearic Islands with industrial registration number 73792.

We are qualified to perform all types of electrical services, such as: electrical maintenance, electrical reforms, electrical rehabilitation of buildings, guaranteeing the correct execution and complying with all the technical requirements established by the Low Voltage Electrotechnical Regulation also known by the acronym (REBT) and its Complementary Technical Instructions (ITC).

A greener tomorrow for all

Advantages Self-consumption

Solar self-consumption, which involves generating electricity through photovoltaic systems installed in homes or businesses to cover part or all of their energy needs, has several advantages.

Savings on electricity bills
80 %
Renewable and sustainable energy
100 %
Energy independence
100 %
Incentives and grants
50 %
Value added to the property
100 %
Durability and minimum maintenance
80 %


Our main purpose is to make the energy transition easy, effective and affordable for everyone.

From IN-Solar we propose you to generate your own energy and with solar energy at your fingertips, we accompany you in your energy transition!


Our social and environmental awareness is reflected in sustainable development actions. We work with clean and renewable energy technologies.

Do you have any questions? We're here to help!

We are one of the leading providers of renewable energy solutions in the Balearic Islands.

How do we work?

We accompany you throughout the process


There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the solar installation process. Know the step by step that you will take, always with InSolar.


Call us

Contact us and we will send one of our installers to evaluate your roof, take measurements and study the space.


Signing of contract

After the visit of our technician, we will adapt your offer and send you the contract so that you can sign it and we can start with your installation.



Continuaremos con el papeleo y legalización y, cuando tengamos todo lo necesario, solo tardaremos uno o dos días en instalar.



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