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How can you recharge an electric car?

You can use a plug socket or a specific charger for electric car charging.

With the plug-in, charging will be slower and you will need more time to charge your vehicle. This option may be sufficient for rechargeable hybrid or electric vehicles that travel only a few kilometers per day. For safety reasons, it is not recommended to use a “normal” plug socket, as there are reinforced plug sockets for vehicle charging.

For faster recharging, the recommended option is to opt for a specific electric car charger, which creates a communication between the electric vehicle and the home or business. This allows to manage and monitor the charging status of the electric vehicle at all times.

An electric charging point allows you to charge your electric or plug-in hybrid car up to 10 times faster in complete safety.

For responsible recharging

If you have a Solar Self-consumption installation and you want to take advantage of 100% of the energy generated by the SUN, there is the option of integrating the recharging point of the electric vehicle to the Solar Self-consumption. You will also be able to freely manage the priority and recharge time of your electric vehicle.


It couldn't be more profitable! Charging with your own solar energy

Charger can use any surplus from the photovoltaic installation to charge the vehicle sustainably and practically free of charge.

Dynamic balanced load for optimal energy distribution

Dynamic balanced charging allows you to take full advantage of the solar energy generated by your photovoltaic system as well as the maximum grid connection power of your home. Thus, you can charge up to three electric cars simultaneously and in an energy-optimized way.

Recharging Point



We take care of all the necessary paperwork: Legalization, subsidies work permits, registration electric bulletin in Industry.

We integrate your photovoltaic installation with the electric vehicle charging point.

Maintenance included. We take care of keeping your installation in perfect conditions.


For electric vehicle fleet

We meet the needs of your company for the management of your electric vehicle fleet, installing multiple chargers allowing fast and controlled charging.



Call us, get in contact with us

We will send you one of our technicians to evaluate the best option for charging your electric vehicle.



After our technician's visit, we present you with one or more Quotes for your recharge solution.



We will continue with the paperwork and legalization and, when we have everything we need, it will only take a day or two to install.


Application for grants

We apply for the Moves III Plan with up to 80% subsidy.

Recharging solutions for hotels and retailers



It is possible to propose a recharging solution in a hotel, a restaurant or a store for your customers who travel in electric vehicles.

You can offer your customers free or paid charging services, free access or exclusive access.

  • Increasing visibility and commitment to sustainable mobility
  • Customer loyalty with electric vehicles
  • Increase sales and generate new business flows
  • Save money and maximize your energy capacity

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Which electric vehicle charger to choose?

In order to choose the best electric vehicle charger to suit your needs, the following should be taken into account: There are different models of sockets and chargers. The main difference is the charging power. However, the choice of the electric car charger model should be made according to the vehicle to be charged and its use. Vehicle model depending on the model and/or the type of vehicle (plug-in hybrid or 100% electric), the necessary charging power to be installed may vary. Vehicle use the choice of charging solution depends more on the use of the electric vehicle than on its autonomy. For example, if your vehicle has a range of 500 km but you do not drive more than 50 km per day and you have the option of charging your electric car daily, a charger with a very high power will not be the most interesting solution.

2.Which recharge point power to choose?

Charging points installed in single-family homes or communal garages can charge at different power ratings: 3.7 kW, 7.4 kW, 11 kW, 22 kW.

These charging points use alternating current (AC), unlike the fast charging points installed in highway service areas, which use direct current (DC).

Recharging points with 3.7 kW and 7.4 kW power ratings are connected in single-phase mode, while the 11kW and 22kW chargers are connected in three-phase.


3.Do I have to increase the contracted power to charge my electric car?

If your current electrical system is sufficient to handle the additional load of your electric car, it is probably not necessary to increase the contracted power.

The new electric vehicle chargers have power variation systems, which allow the electric vehicle charge to be adjusted at any time to the consumption of the home, so as not to exceed the power contracted with the electric company.

However, you may have to increase the contracted power if your electrical system is not strong enough to handle the additional load or if you want a faster charge.

With your Solar Self-consumption installation you will be able to choose the moment of maximum production to be able to charge your electric vehicle. Saving on your electricity bill and using 100% of your own energy.

4.How can I charge my electric vehicle in a community garage?

The Horizontal Property Law was recently amended to facilitate the installation of charging points in communal garages. As this is a shared space, decisions cannot be taken lightly. Although it is not necessary to have the official approval of the community, it is sufficient to inform in advance.

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